Kokanee and Walleye Packs
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Everything you need to catch, clean, and prepare your fish for the table! Our favorite Mack's Lure and Pro Cure Super Gels to put fish in your kreel, a Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener (GFS) to keep your filet knife razor sharp, and a bottle of our premium fish seasonings to cook your fish to perfection. Kokanee pack includes Kokanee Special Super Gel, two Double Whammny Kokanee Pro, GFS, and Parmesan Fish Seasoning. Walleye pack includes Trophy Walleye Super Gel, Wallypop J Series, Walleye Spindrift, GFS, and Lemon & Dill Fish Seasoning. A limited offer!

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Kokanee and Walleye Packs

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