Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System
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The Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System is a complete sharpening solution for every knife you own. It features the innovative Pivot-Response System which allows the abrasive to follow the curve of the knife while sharpening — making manual sharpening faster, easier and more precise than ever. Includes an Angle-Guided Bench Sharpener (17° & 20°), interchangeable Coarse and Fine 6” Diamond Plates, and an Angle-Guided Field Hone. Sharpens pocket knives, hunting knives, serrations, tools and more. 42-Year Warranty.

WSGSS Upgrade Kit includes: (1) Extra Coarse 220 Grit Diamond Plate, (1) Extra Fine 800 Grit Diamond Plate, (1) Leather Stropping Plate, (2) 25° Stropping Guides, (1) Chromium Oxide Honing Compound and Instructions. Plates are 6" x 1.25' and intended for use on the Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System.

  • Item #: 1312
  • Manufacturer: Darex LLC

Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System

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